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                  PO Box 222 , Batavia, IL. 60510-0222   

                                    John Barrett, Adjutant        Rick Kirk, Commander 

         Post meeting held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Batavia

                                VFW upstairs located at 645 S River St at 7pm

                  Contact Information: Commander Rick Kirk - 630-879-3943

                               Adjutant John Barrett  -  630-399-1116

OCTOBER NEWSLETTER     Updated 10-31-2020           

   November 17th, 2020   -->   Next  Post 504 meeting      7pm

    Pending current Covid19 restrictions to inside meetings TBD

  NEW - **Donate **to 2020 Gift For Yanks click below


    Veterans Day Discounts 2020  -  Click below


 or https://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/80347/veterans-day-2020-discounts/

  Stanley Johnson Scholarship -Link to ceremony is below  


  ONGOING  - Monthly Coffee is on but subject to COVID19 rules

  We did November coffee at back tables at Apple Villa. Coffee is held

  the 1st Saturday of the month at 8:30am - 10am.

  Join us if you're interested in joining the American Legion.

  NEW - The American Legion State Department has announced No-cost-to-you

  accident Insurance protection for active members of the Legion - link below


  AL National Dispatch Newsletter  UPDATED 10-31-20


  AL Dept of Illinois Newsletter   UPDATED 10-31-20


  Link below has the summary of 2017, 2018 & 2019 accomplishments

  renew membership online ->


  GFY Gifts and pictures for 2019 > http://bataviapost504.org/index.php?id=104

  Bill passes Legion Act New Service date Dec 7th,1941 -

  Read this Article about date changes for membership

   URL>>  /files/State_Flyer_on_Legion_Act_8-1-19.pdf

         Commanders Message                          Post Officers 2020

Renewal for your 2020 membership     Commander - Rick Kirk

July 1st. Pay your dues ASAP.       Sr Vice-Commander - Bob Zeman

New membership is based on    Jr Vice-Commander - Nate Gustafson

Fiscal year July1st - June 30th.                  Adjutant - John Barrett

                                                        Finace Officer - Gary Fawver

You can pay your dues online at:              Chaplin - Don Nallenweg

http://www.legion.org/membershipmanagement  Service Officer - Rick Kirk

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