American Legion Post504

       Poppy / Community Day collections

           MAY 11th, 12th and 13th, 2023

  7/11 Wilson & Prarie mornings & Riverside Pizza evenings on May 11th/12th

Collections at the following Batavia community stores 8:30am till 1pm

Lumes Pancake House, Apple Villa, Briana's Pancake House  &  WalMart - May 12th/13th

            MAY 20th and 21st, 2023

                 Collections at Jewel in Batavia 8:30am till 1pm

The Batavia American Legion Post 504 would like to thank all the patrons who gave last year. 


Our Spring  Poppy / Community Day Drive helps us support both our Batavia Community 

programs and Poppy Veterans Emergency fund program using these donations.

We use a percentage of the money collected to support the Stanley Johnson Scholarships for 

the Batavia Seniors who submit an application detailing why they want to pursue a nursing

program. Winner(s) are given a Certificate at the Batavia High School yearly May Senior

Honors and Recognition presentation at the school and a check presented in June. 

We also support the American Legion Boys State and Girls State programs for Juniors from

both Batavia H.S. and Marmion. We try to sponsor 2-3 students from each program who apply

online and ask us to sponsor them. This always depends on how much money was collected.

The remaining percentage of the monies are used to replenish the Emergency fund used to

support any Post veteran who contacts us in need of some financial hardship assistance.

 Boys State was  held in 2022 and collections made this year for 2023 will be available in June to 

 Juniors who want to attend. Girls State had no canidates for 2022. We sponsored 4 boys in 2022.



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