American Legion Post504


2021 GFY - Gifts For Yanks

  (1) Blue Tote Bag for gifts, (2) Fleece Blanket, (3) 14oz US VETERANS coffee mug, (4)Two key chain Pill Holders,(5) Key Chain flashlight /screwdriver  (6) Red & Blue letter opener, (7) Small globe shaped Xmas Ornament (8)Goodie bag of assorted candies


   Resident Veterans at Heritage Woods Lobby                                    Santa with the American Flag Masked Up


Dave Jordan, Sid Tobias, John Drew & Don Nallenweg handing out gifts with Rick Kirk Post Commander sitting on a chair in middle with Residents - John Barrett taking pictures and calling out residents names.

 Picture taken at The Holmstad Common Room - Dave Jordan taking pictures from back of room                                         

 Left to Right - John Barrett reading names, Rick Kirk sitting, Don Nallenweg & Sid Tobias standing